HMSWeb licensing

The HMSWeb© platform (Handover Management System) and its mobile component, the HMSMobile© app, is the IT solution for the complete management for quality, construction, assembly, mechanical completion, commissioning, start-up, pre-operation and assisted operation of industrial units, integrating all the works management.

Light, simple, and proven to be effective, it ranges from large projects and complexity to small projects for operational improvements in existing units, facilitating the management, programming, control, certification and verification of all project scope activities, including field activities, recording and removing backlogs, preservation etc.

In being constantly improved, in order to optimize the technical and integral management of the project, HMSWeb provides to the user a real time access to all project information, such as:

  • Project Scope
  • Physical, systemic and functional hierarchies of objects (tree view)
  • Subsystem precedence network
  • Operating procedures
  • Reference Documentation
  • Programming and implementation of activities
  • Preservation control
  • Backlog management
  • Physical progress, S-curves, overviews and managerial KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Control of teams and work hours
  • Monitoring productivity

Facts and features of the HMSWeb/HMSMobile:

  • More than 300 projects carried out in various markets including O&G, Energy, Mining, Shipbuilding, Petrochemical, Infrastructure and Biofuels.
  • 100% Web and Mobile environment
  • Configurable to project management methodology and specific characteristics of each industry/project
  • Light, simple, objective interface and user friendly
  • Centralized database
  • Guide to standardized implementation of field activities
  • Integration with several IT tools like AVEVA, INTERGRAPH and SAP
  • Total traceability
  • Access control for profiles/users
  • Multi-languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish

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