Brazilian Regulatory Compliance (BRC)

Brazilian Regulatory Compliance (BRC)

Local and foreign companies involved in the setting up of major engineering projects in Brazil may be subject to a number of technical and bureaucratic barriers for the installation and operation of their operational units, with significant impact on schedule and costs.

Based on the experience accumulated in several major projects, Forship has developed a comprehensive range of methods and tools aimed to assure the compliance of major onshore and offshore projects with applicable standards and requirements, as defined by Brazilian regulatory authorities.

Forship BRC services cover the requirements of the National Regulatory Agencies, Maritime, Labor, Environmental and Sanitary Authority, Customs, Federal Police, and Brazilian Normative Institutions.

Some of the typical deliverables are:

  • BRC Kick-Off Meetings, Workshops and Training
  • Guidelines for Brazilian Regulations Compliance
  • Lists of Applicable Brazilian Rules and Regulations
  • Review of Design, Procurement and As-Built Documentation
  • Identification and Mitigation of Regulatory Risks
  • Regulatory Responsibility Matrix
  • Regulatory Activities Schedule
  • Regulatory Action Plan
  • Issuance of Operational Procedures
  • Issuance of BRC Technical Reports
  • Answer to Technical Queries from the Client and/or its Contractors
  • Local Content Support
  • Site Inspections
  • Provision of Qualified Professionals for NR-10, NR-12, NR-13, NR-17, REPETRO, and other specific activities
  • Support for Contacts with Brazilian Authorities
  • BRC Letters of Compliance Assessment