About Forship


In 1998, when we decided to found Forship, we had a dream: to develop an integrated engineering and management solution for the recurring problems found in the commissioning process of complex industrial plants.

Today, commissioning and Forship are inseparable words. As Precursors of Commissioning Engineering, we have built a way to innovate and generate a new culture, driven mainly by the support of our customers and employees. It was within this partnership that we consolidated the business success at Forship.

Committed to the success of each project, we look to maximize our client's results, be it Operator, EPC contractor, Manufacturer or Financial Institution, focusing on the Operability of the industrial plant.

By using this well-tested process and creating a culture of management excellence in the industry, we have extended our expertise to the Construction and Assembly (C&A), Operation, Maintenance & Modification (O&M), Technical Consultancy and Brazilian Regulatory Compliance.

We expand our markets and offer services and technology for industrial assets for Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Naval, Energy, Mining, Infrastructure, Agroindustry, Biofuel and Pulp & Paper.

The success of our management tool mechanical completion and commissioning, HMSWeb (Handover Management System), motivated us to create a independent company to offer it to the market; in this way, we created HMSWeb Tecnologia de Informação.

With the growth in demand for our services in the international market, we expanded our operations outside the Brazil creating Forship International in the Netherlands, Forship Asia, in Singapore and Forship Mozambique.

We did all this because we believe and invest in people, in the generations of knowledge and in engineering. Thus, we remain certain that we can contribute even more to the development of the industries in which we work.