Forship offers comprehensive consulting services aimed to assure operational efficiency, technical and economic feasibility, decision making support for financial institutions, regulatory compliance and sustainability support for the implementation of major engineering projects. Our ultimate goal is to provide reliable and cost-effective consulting support to our clients, helping them to finance, design, build, install and operate complex industrial units.

Project Analysis and Monitoring for Financial Institutions

In dynamic technical and economical context, entrepreneurs (such as operators, constructors, ship owners and shipyards) as well as governmental funding entities, financial agents and insurance companies, face new challenges, commensurate with the size, complexity and degree of innovation of the involved projects.

Forship offers specialized technical consulting services aiming to provide support for critical business decisions, such as:

  • Technical and economic feasibility studies
  • Validation of business plan assumptions
  • Risk and impact analysis
  • Analysis of contractual documentation and support for contract amendments
  • Physical and financial progress follow-up of project implementation
  • Assessment and monitoring of environmental and socials standards, such as Equator Principles, International Finance Corporation - IFC and Global Report Initiative - GRI

Commissioning Consulting

Based on its large experience in commissioning and operation of complex units, Forship may also support the development and implementation of its clients commissioning methodology.

Forship commissioning consulting services and products include:

  • Development and implementation of corporate commissioning methodology, involving guidelines, procedures, practices and tools
  • Development of responsibility matrixes for commissioning activities
  • Development of requirements and recommendations for contracting commissioning services
  • Development or review of commissioning engineering documentation
  • Licensing and configuration of HMSWeb ©, our commissioning management system
  • Support for the configuration and implementation of third-party commissioning management systems
  • Surveillance of commissioning activities
  • Certification of operability

Owner's Engineering

Owner's engineering services may provide decisive contribution to the success of the design, implementation or modification of industrial projects. With an experienced and multidisciplinary team, using effective tools and methodologies, Forship participates in the management, implementation and monitoring of key activities during the assets life cycle, such as:

  • Materials and equipment procurement, expediting, inventory and inspection
  • Supply chain and logistics management
  • Planning and monitoring of construction process
  • Planning and monitoring of commissioning, operation and maintenance events, such as start-ups, ramp-ups, shut-downs, overhauls, sea trials, and ship dockings.

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